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European Champ 2018, 2022 and World Champ 2019, 2023 winner model.

Carbon Flapper Long. Irreplaceable model for Fly-Offs. FCL is the multiple winner of many competitions, including the European and World Championships. The unbelievable high start and impressive glide performance will never let you indifferent. 

European Champ 2018 and World Champ 2019 winner model


Best for: Fly-Offs.


  • 2340 mm.

  • 425-435 gr.

  • Rohacell core & textrem shells constracture

  • Carbon pod & tailboom

  • Fx12SB electronic timer with built-in GPS, RDT, charger, LED, booster, accelerometer, altimeter

  • 5 servos (stabilizer, rudder, left flap, right flap + servo rEnertiaHook )

  • Average start: 115-125m.

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