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shOK is an all day model. Very high starts and good gliding performance open up wide fields of tactics during rounds in any type of weather. The Model can reach thermal that is already high or far away. Even if there is no thermal the model can show good glide performance, that easily can be compared with glide performance of old type short models

Best for: - rounds;



  • 2150 mm.

  • 411 gr.

  • Carbon D-box & ribs contracture

  • Carbon pod & tailboom

  • Ikarex covering

  • Fx12SB electronic timer with built-in GPS, RDT, charger, LED, booster, accelerometer, altimeter

  • 4 servos (stabilizer, rudder, wing wiggler + servo rEnertiaHook )

  • Avarage start: 120-130 m.

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